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Goodall and Gallagher

About the project

  • Creative productions (music production and composition, audio production, audio post-production, synchronisation)


Production Company: Quiet Giant / Goodall and Gallagher

Directors: Luke Goodall and Marc Gallagher

Assistant Director: Brett Tinning

Director of Photography: Matt Wilson

Production Design: Gemma Cotter

Music Composer: Jon Forest

Sound Recordist: Jake Archer
Sound Designer: Lachlan Harris

What we did:

Antisocial is a new sketch comedy series by the Melbourne comedy duo Goodall and Gallagher that takes aim at social media and modern technology. When we got a phone call from the chaps at G&G HQ to help them bring the production to the next level in terms of scoring their music composition for a particular episodes, we jumped on board immediately. Social comedy and music? A match made in heaven.

The ‘bot plot

The Boyfriend Bot is set in an aesthetic akin to an 80s/90s sitcom. In the plot, a woman buys a robot boyfriend (as you do). She soon finds out that a robot designed by a bunch of male scientists isn’t all it's cracked up to be and that sometimes (heaven forbid) men may have no idea what their partner may actually need. This sketch is a broad comment on patriarchal society, and in particular, the social expectations placed on women and men in hetero relationships.

Scoring for comedy

Comedy comes with it's own set of cliches and characteristics. Understanding these, and either choosing to either play into them or avoid them completely (e.g. understanding what kind of approach the comedy itself called for) was central to our decision making at all times.

We started playing around with a few different types of instruments, finding ourselves settling on the infamous saxophone. Using the sax in a particular way (a la 80s solos) made the supporting instrumentation sound incredibly silly.. Immediately, the whole team began to laugh. We knew we’d nailed it! We even had time to put on Terminator 2 (inside joke - you’ll have to watch the video - link below - to get in on it!).

The process

Like the creation of any soundtrack material, we had to start by marking out the cue points for where the music needed to shine through. Ensuring a hugely collaborative process with the G&G team, things began to take shape, melodies began to make us smile, and transitions seemed to be turning out as (intentionally) corny as ever.

Fast-forward a few months and the episode’s now been selected to feature as part of New York City Web Fest. We knew we were on to something good with these blokes...

Check out the episode here.

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