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About the project

  • Creative productions (music production and composition, audio production, audio post-production)
  • Cinematography
  • Video editing

People / Companies involved:

Creative Lead: Adam Scott-McGuinness

Video Editing: Adam Scott-McGuinness

Cinematography: Adam Scott-McGuinness

Composition and Sound Design: Adam Scott-McGuinness

Post-Production: Adam Scott-McGuinness


What we did:

In 2017, Rupert Studio and Gallery in Hobart launched their first one-day retreat featuring yoga, meditation, gratitude practices, and nutritional workshops. SOUND PITCH was invited to document this first retreat on film and create a promotional recap of the event.

Getting to know the context

The retreat was a safe space in which participants could share their thoughts and experiences in a relaxed group environment. This kind of approach created a truly beautiful retreat, but by its very nature created challenges in documenting the day. It was, for example, totally integral that filming not encroach on the experience (I mean, can you imagine getting a wayward camera in your face when sharing something personal?) and that the privacy of those attending not be violated. It was via an understanding of this context that our initial artistic decisions were made.

The visuals

A single hand-held camera was to be used, and only for short periods of time. The focus was to capture an overall sense of the physical and emotional environment with minimal impact by the videographer. Shallow depth of field and soft focus were utilised to create a dreamlike atmosphere that is both evocative and intentionally relaxed.

The music

Just as visuals share information with the viewer about intended narrative, music gives the viewer information as to how the visuals and narrative should make them feel. The decision not to include dialogue in this video placed additional importance on the music composition, and heightened its role in the storytelling process.

We knew that the music would need to convey positivity, mindfulness, intimacy, beauty, and sensitivity. We chose a lydian scale on which to base the melodies as well as a very particular, soft instrumentation.

The final word

This project showcased our ability to be hugely sensitive to the needs of every client, no matter how challenging the setting.

You can trust us with your projects, no matter how sensitive or challenge they may be. Get in touch today.