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Retail Safari

About the project

  • Creative productions (music production and composition, audio production, audio post-production, synchronisation, sonic branding)




Video Production: Retail Safari

Composer: Adam Scott-McGuinness

Sound Designer: Andrew Monte (Monte Productions)


A little bit of retail therapy

At Sound Pitch, we believe that everything is energy. From the way you see the colour spectrums to the communicational tones you ‘feel’ when reading copy, the world is full of a huge number of mediums that harnesses energy providing a direct pathway of communication through to a viewer.

We love a little bit of retail therapy as much as the next person. So when we were approached by Retail Safari, a marketing company specialising in retail marketing and customer experience, to assist them in creating an engaging advert, we were on it.

Like most adverts, the purpose was, of course, customer acquisition. However, Retail Safari also threw in the additional challenge of maintaining the relationships they’d already built with existing clients, thus encouraging them to interact with the brand and its touchpoints on an extended, deeper level.

Emotional decision making

There is no denying that we’re both rational and emotional beings. However, when it comes to evaluating the most effective human experience, it’s true that we see emotions - rather than perceived facts - as having the greatest impact on our lives.

At SOUND PITCH, we believe that a purely rational approach to engagement achieves participation, at best. It's widely acknowledged that ensuring an emotional connection increases brand awareness and satisfaction, as well as contributing loads to ensuring loyalty over a long period of time.

We can’t forget, of course, that a customer’s decision making process (and where they are along this process) is also very important. Where possible, we want to influence this positively using great music and intelligent sound design to care for and curate customer experience. A really cool concept called Somatic Marker Theory shows us that emotion and mood provide the primary guide for decision making overall. By using the languages of emotion (sound, music, and noise) we are affecting the relationship that viewers and listeners have with the brand and ultimately guiding their “gut feelings” from participation to engagement.

Cool huh?

A final word

The music composition in this advert was aimed to elicit positivity, energy, optimism and determination. The consumer should perceive Retail Safari as having limitless energy and offering the opportunity for innovation while feeling that the success of their own business will be improved by engaging with Retail Safari’s services.

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