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Patrick Hutchings

About the project

  • Music production and composition
  • Assistance with research and development


Music Composers: Jon Forest / Van Nguyen

What we did:

Patrick Hutchings is a composer and AI researcher, often working in the cross-section of the two areas of study. His research focus is in creative applications of AI where he looks at new ways expanding AI-related practices.


One sunny Summer evening, Patrick gave us a call to see if we’d be interested in assisting with his PhD study. Given the questions that already guide our daily practice at SOUND PITCH, it seemed like a beautiful and natural next step.

Our task was to provide Patrick with musical compositions that were based on actions. Why? So they could be easily translated into the realm of AI and generated music production. Producing these units or ‘musical building blocks’ using midi, we had the ability to develop new melodies and harmonies that could be triggered by the player’s actions in real-time.

Real-time music generation

Most computer games are using some form of adaptive audio these days. What is it? Adaptive audio describes an approach to a situation in which the gamer finds themselves as a result of their previous interactive choices. In effect, nothing in the game - not the visuals, audio, sound design, or music - is ever pre-determined in an adaptive environment. Rather, the experience of the gamer is a result of layered ‘building blocks’ or units of sounds and visuals that combine according to the gamer’s decisions.

Patrick was able to take our work and share with us the myriad ways in which it could contribute to the enhancement of an adaptive gaming environment. Awesome.

What we learned

Patricks work showcases just a few ways in which AI-based tools can adapt any form of music and sound for unique experiences that synthesise beautifully with player interaction. Unlike Fmod and Wwise, which is technology that usually features non-linear music stems and loops made by composers and then assigned to various different game parameters, Patrick’s system works by playing into the unique characteristics of humans’ individualised decision making, and using this to enhance and personalise gaming experiences.

Want to learn more? Here’s one of Patrick’s studies.

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