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Nikki Ciotola

About the project

Services provided:

  • Creative productions (music production and composition, sound design, sonic branding, voiceover, video production, video post-production, audio production, audio post-production, sonic branding)
  • Media and marketing
  • Consultancy
  • Online advertising
  • Digital advertising
  • Consultancy
  • Television/film/radio
  • Campaigns


Agency: SOUND PITCH (services as above)

Director: Jon O’Neill

Producer: Van Nguyen

Cinematographer: Daniel Truong

Sound Designer: Joseph Moorehouse

Composer: Jon Forest

What we did:

Help improve health-related outcomes by combining music, emotion, a stunning visual composition, and… pilates!

The concept

Mediation in Movement is a concept created by Nikki Ciotola. Combining a number of different approaches and modalities, the project has the aim of offering participants insights on the connection between mental health, pilates and music.

Having worked for many years on related projects as part of our SOUND: Health branch, we were totally thrilled with the serendipitous contact from Nikki who approached us to help tell her business’ story.

The concept really hit home with SOUND PITCH founder and director Jon O’Neill:

“Before I became the director of Sound Pitch I was a Registered Nurse at a Melbourne hospital. I saw firsthand how mental health affects the lives of loved ones and the surrounding support networks of patients.”

“Of course, mental health is different from other health problems because it’s not always visually obvious. Like music, sound and noise, mental health is something that can only be felt. I’ve always been driven to utilise the healing properties of sound in the mental health-related space.”

More on Nikki’s motivation

In the beginning, Nikki recounted to us her belief in the power of pilates and movement-based therapy. As anyone who’s experienced depression will know, the sheer weight of the anxiety can be physically debilitating. Knowing this, and as an existing pilates fanatic, Nikki had an incredible idea: to combine pilates, music and meditation in a single, authentic, and beautiful therapy option.

Our approach

Pilates is a system of exercises using special apparatus designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness. In order to mirror this modality in our work, the visual composition of shots, as well as the intervals between notes in the sound design, focussed heavily on an elicitation of motion, movement, and flow.

Knowing how important good relationships and community connections are to recovery, we sought to present Nikki as the friendly, warm and approachable person she is, a choice that would act as a catalyst for prospective clients to engage with Nikki’s services. By showing Nikki’s story in this light using specific approaches to sound and visual design, we nailed the goal of helping Nikki empower her clients to start a conversation about mental health.

Want to know more?

Check out this incredible study by Valorie Salimpoor whose work has focussed on the impact of music on mental health. As Salimpoor reports, pleasurable music listening increases the brain’s production of dopamine, which is known to significantly improve our mood.

Want to know some ways you can use music as your own medicine? Try:

Listening to positive music first thing in the morning
Choosing music to match your mood - let yourself marinate in and explore your feelings
Listening to repetitive music to help with concentration and focus
Picking music with a slow tempo (aim for 60 bpm) to help with relaxation

You’re welcome.

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