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About the project

  • Creative productions (audio production, audio post-production, middleware integration, plans for integration)
  • Media + marketing
  • Consulting


Audio Consultant: Jon Forest


What we did:

Audio consulting for a new VR sailing project by MarineVerse.

The concept

Imagine you’re on a boat. Where are you? What are you doing? What does it sound like? What does it look like? How is the weather? Are you just chilling, or perhaps racing, or maybe exploring?

Maybe all of the above.

A brand new project by MarineVerse allows you to do all of these things, and more. It targets everyone from the seafaring novice through to the experienced sailor. The unifying factor? A love of the water. MarineVerse’s technology lets you travel to distant destinations, escape to the offshore, and even enhance your skills if you already have existing sailing expertise.

Got wind. Oh buoy!

Okay. It’s a sailing game. The task? To get the wind sounds absolutely spot on. In effect, the wind becomes the motor of the game. It provides the information the user can, well, use to decide where to place the sail. We’d hate to be flapping in the wind, right?. I mean that would be alright if this was a bird POV game, but it’s not.

Naturally, and to ensure the best possible experience, it was time for the SP team to put pens down, head outside and listen. And we mean really listen. To the wind. We set out to track and notate its twists, turns and myriad characteristics so we could get this down in our sound design and foley.


Along with the many other elements of the sound design for this project, the wind was finally firmly in place and we got to the testing phase of the deal. After numerous play tests (fun!) we identified a few small gaps in gameplay and audio and made a plan to address them. Testing is almost our favourite part. Why? Because we get to see the impact of our planning and production, and the imprint of that impact on the faces of participants. Fun!

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