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Retail Zoo (Boost Juice)

About the project

  • Creative productions (music production and composition, audio production, audio post-production, synchronisation, sonic branding)


Project Oversight: Retail Zoo

Animator: Edward Roche

Composition and Sound Design: Adam Scott-McGuinness

Audio Engineering and Post-Production: Adam Scott-McGuinness

Instrumentalist (cello): Madeleine Becker


What we did:

The “Making a Smoothie” campaign was born to reiterate the facts about the nutritional value of Boost Juice’s smoothie products. Quite simply, the central aim of the campaign was to debunk arguments made against the brand and reinforce the fresh, healthy and nutritionally-sound content of Boost Juice products, all the while delivering content that was light, entertaining and engaging for the viewer.

The result? A leveraging of the popularity of the Netflix Series Making a Murderer; a smoothie-based parody of your favourite show!

The approach

One thing was certain. As with any challenging publicity, our job was to contribute to taking back control of the messaging. How did we do it? With one of our trademark creative solutions.

Making a Murderer follows the murder trial of Steven Avery and encourages the audience to question his guilt in the case of the horrific murder of Teresa Halbach. As a very serious and confronting documentary series, the decision to use it as a basis for comedy is a challenging one indeed. Of course, however, parody isn’t anything new; when done right, it can be a really engaging, empathetic and effective approach to the creation of content.

The thinking behind the decision

To create humour in parody, it’s essential that music is considered ignorant of the joke. That is, that the direction of the music should be so serious that it creates a stark contrast between the style and the absurdity of the content.

The decision was made to feature an expressive solo cello that elicited sadness, tragedy, and isolation which went a huge way to highlighting the ridiculous nature of the narrative: a fruit smoothie wrongfully accused of being unhealthy.

The final word

This project was hugely creative and relied upon our ability to take control of messaging in a fun, engaging and colourful manner.

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