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The University of Melbourne

About the project

  • Creative productions (music production and composition, sound design, audio production, audio post-production, synchronisation)


Developer: Andrew Turnpin

Composition and Sound Design: Jon Forest

Audio Engineering and Post-Production: Jon Forest


What we did:

The task? Compose an awesome, engaging, stylised soundtrack to an IP and plagiarism explainer video by The University of Melbourne.

With this campaign, Melbourne University’s School of Computing and Information Systems is trying their hardest to reach out the new flock of developers and inform them of what is and isn’t acceptable with regards to Intellectual Property.

When Andrew reached out to us, he already had an idea in mind:

We want an 80s 8bit chiptune sound that’ll resonate with the kids on campus!

Got it, Andrew. Leave it with us.

The process

We’re all pretty avid and passionate gamers at SOUND PITCH. For us, however, it’s about more than the game itself; we’re absolutely hooked on the beautiful sentimentality of those classic Sega, Gameboy and Super Nintendo sounds. You know the ones? Yep. Delightful. They stir up such wonderful memories for all of us!

The crystal clear brief meant we could get to work straight away, bouncing samples and ideas off one another and via Andrew whenever the moment called for it.

The best thing? We had a wonderful bunch of uni students on which we could test our hard work, too!

The final word

The reason this project worked so well was simple. We found that the sense of warmth and innovation with which each party entered the agreement carried through the entire project. If something sounded great, we did it. If something didn’t work, we scrapped it. Preconceptions flew out the window and we maintained an openness and willingness of approach at all times.

What can we say? We love to work that way.

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