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Ann Truong

About the project

  • Creative productions (music production and composition, sound design, audio production, audio post-production synchronisation)


Production Company: Blended Media

Producer / Director: Ann Truong

Composition and Sound Design: Forest Falls (Jon Forest, Lucy Rash, Jeremy Hallett)

Audio Engineering and Post-Production: Jon Forest


What we did:

Sound design and composition for a documentary of great significance.

The concept

The end of life, but is it the end? Or is death just a word that means you’re no longer of this earth? The exact opposite to a birthday, a ‘death anniversary’ is a traditional custom of great significance in most non-western countries. Traditionally, families that believe in ancestral worship use this time to remember the death of an ancestor on the anniversary of his or her death. The deceased ancestor is thought to return for a visit on this day. At the death anniversary, he or she is ritually greeted at the beginning of the occasion and offerings of food, money and incense is produced on the family altar.

When actor Ann Truong told us that she was in on the production of a documentary that explores and embraces how each culture deals with death and dying, we were on board straight away. What a wonderful way to explore some deeper, human concepts using music as the language of emotion. Perfect.

The brief

The brief was to come up with a gentle song that would give the viewer a sense of hope and warmth. Knowing that this could only be born of a truly collaboratively process. I knew immediately who I wanted to contact: my fellow musicians at Forest Falls. Each of us reflected on the documentary, and some of us on loved ones that had departed us. We began to pick up our instruments with the new feeling of reuniting with these loved ones with an overarching aim to translate into the music the story that Ann was telling.

The result? See it for yourself here.

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