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Clicky Sticks

About the project

  • Creative productions (music production and composition, sound design, sonic branding, voiceover, video production, video post-production, audio production, audio post-production)
  • Online advertising
  • Digital advertising
  • Consultancy
  • Television/film/radio
  • Campaigns

What we did:

Sonic branding for a power gaming comedy trio.

Who is Clicky Sticks?

Clicky Stick is Cam, Alex, Liv and Jalo, a team of self-confessed ‘lovable idiots’ that exist to make you laugh. They're a comedy variety troupe that plays old games, web games, party games, VR games, any kind of games… all in the name of comedy! Viewers engage with the trio while watching their live streams. It’s a kind of human unboxing, of sorts. The schtick? Watch them unhatch new and exciting games while laughing all the way!

The process

We believe in the power of music to evoke emotions, alter perceptions and trigger recall. Knowing this, we help brands cut through the noise by developing their brand identity in sound and music right from core concept to successful implementation.

When we spoke early on with Cam he said, “ I want this sound to sound like I’m in an elevator that is stuck in a music store”. An interesting concept indeed. But sure enough, when we really put our minds to it, the translation of that vision into music terms jumped out at us straight away!

Alignment with the rebrand

Having recently undergone a rebrand, it was up to us to align with the trio’s vision and make sure we took into account all that had been laid out before us in terms of visuals, aesthetic and collateral.

Given the opportunity to align with the existing aesthetic, it also became clear to us that we had the power to enhance the brand using a big, memorable, bombastic riff that sticks in your head. But the good kind, right? Not the annoying kind.

Why don’t you let us know if you think we nailed it? You can catch the sonic logo we created before every Clicky Sticks Twitch and Youtube steam.