Brook Preloader

About the project

  • Audio production
  • Audio post-production
  • Talent search
  • Voice acting


Producer/ Director: Brett Tinning
Cinematographer: Matt Wilson
Audio Engineer: Jon Forest
Voice Actor: Kevin Powe
Production Company: Quiet Giant

What we did:

Botanical Water Foundation and production company Quiet Giant launched this campaign to introduce a breakthrough water filtration technology and distribution plan and in doing so, help reclaim the billions of litres of safe drinking water that is currently discarded each year.

Cue SOUND PITCH. We were tasked with the very enjoyable job of brewing up some highly polished post-production to accompany Quiet Giant’s beautiful visuals and inspiring aesthetic.

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The concept

Every drop counts, right? We were on board immediately.

With a goal of making 50,000 litres of botanical water per day, the wonderfully ambitious Botanical Water Foundation soon found that they were in need of some help. Sound Pitch was called on by Quiet Giant for our audio post-production with the goal of finding a sonic voice for the brand as a whole.

The standout

One things really flew in this project. What was it? Nothing more, nothing less than the outstanding talent of Kevin Powe. With a voice that emotive, sensitive, and far from commercial, Kevin really hit the right note (pun intended) in terms of striking a chord (pun also intended) and emotional response from our test subjects. When the piece got to market, it was an instant success.

Got a project that needs amping up in terms of emotional impact and beautiful sonic branding? Look no further - we can help you with that.