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Make it Memorable: Winter Victoria

About the project

Services provided:

  • Creative productions (music production and composition, sound design, sonic branding, voiceover, video production, video post-production, audio production, audio post-production, sonic branding)
  • Online advertising
  • Digital advertising
  • Consultancy
  • Television/film/radio
  • Campaigns



Agency: SOUND PITCH (services as above)

Director:  Jemma Cotter

Production Company: Quiet Giant

What we did:

Create a visually striking advertisement.

To give the seasons (yep… we’re talking summer, autumn, winter, spring) a brand identity. No mean feat, right?

With this ad, we wanted to challenge the existing, overarching perceptions of winter as a bothersome, tired, slow and scary season. Associated with plummeting temperatures, icy weather, and the state of being indoors, winter is too often associated with the word ‘no’.

To winter, we want people to say ‘yes’. Yes to exploring, yes to engaging, yes to being inspired by the incredible, natural beauty of this too often underrated season.

With this project, we were challenged with breaking peoples stereotype of winter and creating an invitation to awaken from hibernation.

This advert is a call to see the wonder of nature during a time. Winter. Too often we use winter as an excuse to say ‘no.’ We provide you with a chance to say ‘yes’.


The visuals

With the focus resting strongly on ensuring user engagement with the narrative, we knew that effective player immersion would be absolutely vital to the game experience. Audio has a totally special ability to assist a player’s suspension of disbelief by enhancing the realism of the fictional world.

How did we do it? Easy. The first approach was to use a series of special spatialisation plugins to position realistic sound effects throughout the environment. By creating an auditory environment where each object had its own sound in 3D space, players literally hear the world being created around them.

The music

Winter Victoria's music composition was entirely composed and produced at Sound Pitch (#proud). It combines modern and classical elements leading the viewer/listener through a transformation and awakening of sorts; one that is as aural and visual as it is conceptual. The brief, in a word? Synths meet symphonic. Synthphonic, you might even say. Overall, we went for a feeling that warm and inspiring, yet open and sparse. The principal theme was recorded in-house. #proud

The result

The foundation of the composition was a will to create immersion. We paired our knowledge of digital advertising (you have but mere seconds to engage a viewer; cue delicious, panning landscape shots) with our knowledge of the power of sound to engage (did you know that 80% of consumer decision-making is done based on emotions? Sound is our key to eliciting emotion!) and came up with the ultimate goods.

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